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Why Magnum Press?

Leader in Blanking Press Solutions

Magnum Press is a leading manufacturer of high-performance hydraulic presses specifically designed for blanking applications. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability, Magnum Press delivers dependable equipment that surpasses industry standards.

Key Benefits of

Magnum Press Blanking Presses

Precision and Efficiency
Achieve superior precision and efficiency with Magnum Press blanking presses. Our presses are engineered to produce clean, accurate blanks with minimal material waste, reducing production costs and optimizing your bottom line.
Built to withstand the demanding environments of blanking operations, Magnum Press presses are renowned for their durability and robust design. Our heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting performance and minimizes downtime for maintenance.
Magnum Press offers a wide range of customization options to tailor our presses to your specific needs. Whether you require variations in press size, force capacity, or stroke length, Magnum Press has the solution to meet your challenges and ensure exceptional results across a diverse range of materials and thicknesses.

Applications in Blanking:

Versatility for Various Industries

Magnum Press hydraulic presses are the workhorse of blanking operations across a wide range of industries. Our presses are used in:
From intricate body panels to precise engine components, Magnum Press blanking presses deliver the power and precision needed for high-volume automotive production.
Create delicate electronic components with unmatched accuracy. Our presses are ideal for blanking thin gauge metals and complex geometries used in circuit boards and electronic devices.
No matter the metal or the application, Magnum Press blanking presses handle a variety of materials, thicknesses, and shapes for diverse metal fabrication needs.

Our Hydraulic Press Range for Blanking

Magnum Press offers a comprehensive selection of high-performance hydraulic presses specifically designed to excel in blanking applications. Whether you require a compact and efficient benchtop model or a high-tonnage floor press for heavy-duty blanking, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Here's a glimpse into some of our top models for blanking:

MCC Series

This compact and versatile C-frame series offers capacities from 2 tons to 40 tons. Ideal for smaller blanking operations and prototype development, the MCC Series is known for its user-friendly operation and space-saving design.

MCB Series

A robust and reliable C-frame press series ranging from 20 tons to 150 tons. The MCB Series provides excellent value for medium-duty blanking operations. These presses feature a larger work area and increased tonnage capacity compared to the MCC Series, making them suitable for a wider range of blanking tasks.

M2P Series

This premium line of high-speed, heavy-duty blanking presses ranges from 40 tons to 250 tons. M2P Series presses are ideal for high-volume production runs and demanding blanking applications. They boast features like fast ram speeds, precise stroke control, and a durable construction for extended operation.

Beyond these highlighted models, Magnum Press offers a full range of additional presses with varying capacities, stroke lengths, and throat depths.

Customization Options:

Tailor Your Blanking Solution

At Magnum Press, we understand that all blanking applications are different. That’s why we offer a wide range of customization options to ensure your press perfectly suits your needs:

Technical Support and Services

At Magnum Press, we don’t just offer reliable equipment – we provide complete support for your blanking press investment.
Our Commitment:

Expert Technical Support

Our experienced technicians are ready to assist with any questions or issues, ensuring your press runs smoothly.

Preventative Maintenance

Extend your press's lifespan with scheduled inspections and parts replacements, minimizing downtime.

Prompt Resolution

We prioritize quick responses and efficient solutions to keep your operations running smoothly.

Ready to Explore Our Blanking Solutions?

Contact our team today! We’ll be happy to discuss your specific blanking requirements and recommend the perfect Magnum Press solution to elevate your production efficiency and quality.
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