Designed for versatility and precision, our hydraulic presses cater to a wide range of applications, including metal forming, plastic molding, assembly operations, and more. Whether you need to shape, bend, or cut materials, our presses deliver the power and accuracy required for high-quality production. Discover how Magnum Press can meet your specific needs and boost your efficiency with our reliable, high-performance solutions.

Blanking Application

Achieve precise, clean cuts with Magnum Press hydraulic presses designed for efficient blanking operations.

Bending Application

Our hydraulic presses ensure accurate bending for a variety of materials, enhancing your production capabilities.

Brake Press Application

Enhance your sheet metal forming processes with our reliable brake press solutions.

Coining Application

Deliver high-detail and fine-featured parts through the precision of our coining hydraulic presses.

Compaction Application

Optimize your material density and strength with Magnum Press hydraulic presses for compaction.

Crushing Application

Experience powerful and reliable crushing performance for recycling and material reduction

Draw Press Application

Achieve deep drawing perfection with our advanced hydraulic draw presses.

Assembly Press Applications

Improve your assembly line efficiency with our versatile and accurate assembly presses.

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