MCD Series

The MCD Series is Magnum’s standard D-Series compatible press. These machines are built for full-on production and they are workhorses. Often referred to as a “C” frame hydraulic press, these compact hydraulic presses are available in both standard model configurations from 2 ton to 40 tons. They are designed to be mounted on separate stand or table. As with most Magnum hydraulic presses, they can be modified to meet your specific need. Standard features include completely removable power packs, robust fabricated steel frames and reliable hydraulic systems. These self-contained hydraulic presses are suitable for a wide variety of operations including assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking.

M2PS Machine


2-10 Tons

12-20 Tons

21-40 Tons

41-100 Tons

100-300 Tons

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