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Achieve Flawless Lamination with Magnum Press

For laminating materials, Magnum Press’ hydraulic presses are the top-tier choice for uniformly joining layers of material together. Whether it’s for paper, wood, glass, stainless steel, brass, or copper, our presses apply uniform pressure throughout the material to create a flawless lamination for your product. With a simple design and the use of off-the-shelf parts, we ensure the optimal condition of our laminating presses can be easily done.

Uniform Pressure Distribution

Simple Designs

Off-the-Shelf Parts

Comprehensive Technical Support

Create flawless laminates and optimize the efficiency of your production line with Magnum Press’ hydraulic presses.
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Why Magnum Press

Uniform Pressure Distribution
Nobody likes to have bubbles, wrinkles, or imperfections on their laminated product. Magnum Press delivers flawless lamination every time thanks to the precise machinery and electronics that allow our hydraulic presses to deliver uniform pressure.
We understand any assembly operation has unique requirements. This is why our hydraulic presses are designed with versatility and flexibility in mind. With our simple designs, we can adapt any of our hydraulic presses to your specifications. And, if you need a press that’s completely unique, we can also design and build a custom hydraulic press for your production line.
Running a cost-effective and efficient operation is essential for any business’ production goals and bottom line. Magnum Press’ laminating presses are designed for optimal productivity and energy efficiency. You can expect a smooth operation with minimal energy consumption and downtime.

Laminating Applications of Our Hydraulic Presses

Magnum Press’ hydraulic presses can laminate a range of materials with uniform and quality edges. These include wood components, fiberglass, carbon fiber, composite panels, brass, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. The versatility of our laminating presses has attracted several clients across different industries, including woodworking and furniture manufacturing, materials manufacturing, aerospace, food processing, and electronics.

M4PS: The Only Laminating Press You Need

The M4PS series is a 4-post column floor press with precision guided platen. Its models range from 2 to 301 tonnage capacities and standard and high pressing speeds. The M4PS is suitable for a variety of heavy industrial applications, including laminating, coining, compaction, crushing, draw press, forming, molding, and steel rule die.


Robust press for heavy industrial applications.

Heavy 4-post column press design with precision columns and oversized bearings for precision guided platen

Pressure and Distance Reverse

Allen Bradley PLC & HMI

PLC & HMI based controls

NFPA-79 / UL508A compliant

Quiet, self-contained, and removable hydraulic system

Efficient manifold with SICV valves

Fast-acting 3 stage electro-hydraulic decompression

Ergonomic operator controls

2-Hand Anti Tie-Down Start

CAT 4 Safety Start Relay

Efficient TEFC electric motor

Magnetic Starter with Lockable Disconnect / Electronic Overload

Adjustable Stroke

NFPA Cylinder with heavy flange and oversized rod

Adjustable tonnage through full range of stroke

Electro-hydraulic decompression

Flat-face O-ring hydraulic connections for a leak resistant design

Customization Options Are Available

Magnum Press can tailor any of our M4PS models according to your specifications. From its dimensions and tonnage capacity to specific features, we can deliver a hydraulic press that addresses all the requirements of your assembly line. Contact us to request a quote for your new laminating press.

Magnum Press’ Technical Support and Services

The performance and longevity of your hydraulic presses are crucial to your business’ success. This is why we offer a comprehensive suite of technical support and services to ensure Magnum Press’ equipment operates at its best, year after year.

Installation Services

Our technicians will set up your new hydraulic press properly, ensuring it works properly and meets your specific laminating needs from day one.

Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance is key for optimal performance and durability in the long term. Our team can provide the necessary inspections, preventive maintenance, and adjustments to minimize downtime and prevent costly repairs.


When problems arise, we are here to help. Our team is available to diagnose and resolve any technical issues you might face.

Training Programs and Resources

We offer comprehensive training programs and resources to equip your team with the necessary skills for operating, maintaining, and repairing our hydraulic presses.

Transform Your Laminating Process with Magnum Press

Get the best laminating results with Magnum Press hydraulic presses. We offer the best and most versatile, energy-efficient hydraulic presses being used in a variety of applications across several industries. With our comprehensive support and easy-to-maintain equipment, you can expect optimal performance in your assembly line!
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