MSSGF12A- 12 Ton Floor Model Straight Side with Gib Guided Tool Plate Hydraulic Press

The MSSGF series features a floor-mounted straight side frame design with a gib-guided tool plate. This series is available in both standard and high speed.


Tonnage Capacity: 12.4
Series: MSSGF Series
Type: Assembly, Blanking, Coining, Crushing, Draw Press, Forming, Punching, Riveting, Staking, Trimming
Speed: Standard
Machine Type: Straight Side, Floor
Additional Features: GIB Guided, Off Center Load

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Product Description


    • Robust press for heavy industrial applications.
    • Heavy Floor Model Straight Side Frame Design eliminates C-frame deflection
    • 6 Point GIB Guided Upper Tool Plate RAM for superior resistance to off-center loads
    • Pressure and Distance Reverse
    • Allen Bradley PLC & HMI
    • PLC & HMI based controls
    • NFPA-79 / UL508A compliant
    • Quiet self contained and removable hydraulic system
    • Efficient manifold w/SICV valves
    • FAST ACTING 3 stage electro-hydraulic decompression
    • Press mounted ergonomic controls
    • 2-Hand Anti Tie-Down Start
    • CAT 4 Safety Start Relay
    • Efficient TEFC electric motor
    • Magnetic Starter w/Lockable Disconnect / Electronic Overload
    • Adjustable Stroke
    • NFPA Cylinder with heavy flange and oversized rod
    • Adjustable tonnage through full range of stroke
    • Removable Bolster
    • Electrohydraulic decompression
    • Flat Face O-Ring hydraulic connections for the most leak resistant design
    • Air to Oil Heat Exchanger




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