MGFHZ95A – 98 Ton Bulldozer C-Frame with Gib Guided Tool Plate Hydraulic Press

The MGFHZ Series offers the performance of the MCF Series with a HEAVY-DUTY gib guided tool plate in a horizontal floor model C-frame press design.  When your application calls for demanding bending and straightening applications, Magnum’s horizontal-acting bulldozer presses offer superior durability and strength. Our customized horizontal bulldozer presses are built for the specific tonnage, bed/ram size, speed, and control features that your application requires.  These are robust for full-on production and they are workhorses with exceptional resistance to off-center loading applications. They are designed to be mounted on the floor and do not need a stand or table. As with most Magnum hydraulic presses they can be modified to meet your specific need. Standard features include heavy fabricated steel frames and reliable hydraulic systems.


Tonnage Capacity: 98
Series: Bulldozer Series
Type: Assembly, Bending, Punching, Riveting, Staking, Straightening
Speed: Standard

Machine Type: C-Frame, Floor
Additional Features: GIB Guided, Off-Center Loading Tool Plate, Off Center Load

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Product Description


  • Robust Bulldozer Press for heavy industrial applications
  • Heavy Floor Model Horizontal C-Frame Design
  • 6 Point GIB Guided Horizontal Tool Plate RAM for superior resistance to off-center loads
  • Pressure and Distance Reverse
  • Allen Bradley PLC & HMI
  • PLC & HMI based controls
  • NFPA-79 / UL508A compliant
  • Quiet self contained and removable hydraulic system
  • Efficient manifold w/SICV valves
  • FAST ACTING 3 stage electro-hydraulic decompression
  • Press mounted ergonomic controls
  • 2-Hand Anti Tie-Down Start
  • CAT 4 Safety Start Relay
  • Efficient TEFC electric motor
  • Magnetic Starter w/Lockable Disconnect / Electronic Overload
  • Adjustable Stroke
  • NFPA Cylinder with heavy flange and oversized rod
  • Adjustable tonnage through full range of stroke
  • Removable Bolster
  • Electrohydraulic decompression
  • Flat Face O-Ring hydraulic connections for the most leak resistant design
  • Air to Oil Heat Exchanger



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