When it comes to hydraulic presses, it’s important that your equipment is engineered for peak performance, and that includes providing the tonnage capacity needed to handle the designated application for years to come. Our robust line of standard presses gives you the power you need to get the job done right, with models ranging from 2 to more than 300 tons.

Our full line of presses includes gap frame, straight side, 2 post, and 4 post models for both floor and bench mounting setups, and each press we produce is built with a frame specifically designed and optimized for the tonnage capacity. Magnum Press systems are also designed with minimal pressure drops to allow for a lower usable tonnage range. For those needing a more heavy-duty solution, we can create a full custom build for 1,000 tons or more.

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11 – 20

21 – 40

41 – 100

100 – 200

200 – 400

Looking for a press with more power? Let us modify one of our standard models or start from scratch to design and build a custom press engineered to fit your specifications. Call 855-498-7077 for more information or contact us online to get a quote on your custom press.

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