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Magnum hydraulic systems are designed for presses. Our philosophy is to build simple, reliable and easily serviceable systems. At the heart of our system are steel manifolds designed to consolidate valving, reduce pluming, eliminate leaks and provide maximum service life. All pressure connection points have o-ring seals – no metal to metal pressure connections – no pipe threads. We use flexible wire braided hose to isolate frame stresses from reservoir and power units yet, maintain crisp system response. Our systems are designed with minimal pressure drops to allow lower usable tonnage range. All systems incorporate decompression on the blind side of the cylinder to eliminate shock pressure waves and insure maximum service life for the system components. The entire system is designed to minimize response time to give you more parts per shift. Components are standard off the shelf so replacements are readily available. Our manifolds incorporate efficient cartridge valve design that have extremely low leakage, fast shift time and low pressure drops all adding to system efficiency. Larger systems use piloted logic elements called poppet valves. These valves outperform large piloted spool valves in leakage, flow and response time. Reservoirs are generously sized to minimize the need for external system cooling. Gap frame power units are self contained and removable for service or remote location. Cylinders are premium quality NFPA compliant with easily serviceable rod bearings and seals.