Standard MCF Series



Often referred to as a “C” frame hydraulic press, these hydraulic presses are available in standard model configurations from 10 to 250 tons. Our floor model presses require no separate stand and they have larger bed areas than the equivalent tonnage size bench model hydraulic press. They may have increased cycle rates. Our MCF Series is a classic HEAVY DUTY gap frame design hydraulic press with Unguided RAM and Anti-Rotation. Standard RAM end utilizes a SAFE (Self Aligning Flange End) for connection to your tooling with our Split Ring Die Coupler or our Quick Change Die Coupler. These machines can be easily customized for your application. These self contained gap frame hydraulic presses are suitable for a wide variety of operations including assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking. Check our HEAVY DUTY frame designs that resist deflection and maintain better parallelism than most other ‘C Frame’ hydraulic press designs. If you need guiding for your tooling, take a look at our MPF Post Guided Platen or our MGF GIB guided models. Standard features include completely removable power packs, robust fabricated steel frames and fast, reliable hydraulic systems.

Magnum MCC Hydraulic PressMagnum MCC Hydraulic Press

While we are finalizing our specifications for this hydraulic press series, please feel free to request a quote if this looks like the press that you need to solve your application challenge. We will quickly have a quote ready for you. And don’t forget that we have many options to customize your press to your exact need.