Two Post M2P Series

hydraulic pressMagnum-Mhydraulic press spacer


2-post hydraulic presses are typically well suited for dies that are wide left to right and narrower front to back. M2P heavy duty presses are used in a variety of applications which do not require side access to die and where an upper tool plate or full size precision guided slide platen are not required. They are well suited to jobs requiring superior rigidity and bed to RAM parallelism where the rod of the cylinder RAM can be attached to the tooling or where tooling has its own guide posts.

hydraulic press spacerMagnum M2P Hydraulic Presshydraulic press spacer

While we are finalizing our specifications for this hydraulic press series, please feel free to request a quote if this looks like the press that you need to solve your application challenge. We will quickly have a quote ready for you. And don’t forget that we have many options to customize your press to your exact need.