MCB4A Hydraulic Press



4 Ton Bench Model Gap Frame Hydraulic Press

Standard Equipment
  • Allen Bradley MicroLogix PLC with Panel View HMI based controls
  • 2-Hand No-Tie-Down Start
  • CAT 4 Safety Start Relay
  • Adjustable Tonnage
  • Adjustable Stroke
  • Pressure and Distance Reversal Mode
  • Manual Setup Mode
  • Energy Saver Shut Down
  • Top Stop Over-Run
  • True 2 Speed Ram
  • Electro-Hydraulic Decompression
  • Self-Contained Removable Hydraulic Power Unit
  • Visual Level/Temp Gauge
  • Removable Bolster
  • Lockable Disconnect
  • NEMA enclosures
  • TEFC EISA Compliant Electric Motor
  • Magnetic Starter/ Electronic Overload
  • Single Point Power Connection
  • Magnum Press has a long list of options that you can select from to customize your press the way you need it.
Bench Model Gap Frame Hydraulic Press

The Magnum MCB4A is the 4 ton model in our standard line of compact gap frame presses. The machine has an approximate footprint of 27″ x 42” and a height of 40 inches, designed to be mounted on a bench or table. With a weight around 650 pounds, the MCB4A provides the sturdy, high quality frame construction that you’ve come to expect from Magnum. This classic, heavy-duty, gap frame design can be easily customized to fit your exact needs. Operations such as assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking are ideally suited to this powerful, self-contained press.  More about the MCB4A…

Optional FS-01 Bench

30” High
gap frame press
Optional FS-01 Bench

30” High
Bench Model Gap Frame Hydraulic Press

Often referred to as a “C” frame hydraulic press, these compact hydraulic presses are available in standard model configurations from 2 ton to 35 tons. These machines can be easily customized for your application. They are designed to be mounted on separate stand or table. These self contained hydraulic presses are suitable for a wide variety of operations including assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking. As with any Magnum hydraulic press they can be modified to meet your specific need. They are available in MCB standard gap frame configuration, M2PB 2 post guided tool plate, M4PB 4 post guided tool plate, MGB gib guided and an MCC economical compact version.

Adjustable Tonnage (rated):0.8 tons to 3.9 tons
Shut Height:7"
Bolster Left to Right:13"
Bolster Front to Back:12"
Stroke Length adjustable:1" to 7"
Cycles per Min based on listed total stroke and 0.13” work stroke
CPM @ 1” stroke:90
CPM @ 2” stroke:65
CPM @ 3” stroke:49
CPM @ 4” stroke:40
CPM @ 6” stroke:28
Reservoir Capacity:10 gallons
Input Voltage specify:230/460 VAC 3PH/60Hz
Approximate Foot Print:27” wide x 42” deep x 40” high
Lower C Height:9"
Approximate Weight: 650 lbs.
Comments:Specifications subject to change without notice.

Bench Model Gap Frame Hydraulic Press cont...

Gap presses are often referred to as C frame presses, because the housing resembles the letter “C” from a side view. This particular configuration makes it possible to easily access both ends of the die space. As part of our MCB Series, the MCB4A offers unguided ram and anti-rotation features. (For guided tooling, look at our MPB Post Guided Platen or MGB GIB Guided models.) Tooling connections are made simpler with our standard ram’s SAFE (Self Aligning Flange End) and Split Ring Die Coupler or Quick Change Die Coupler. Once you’ve used this press, you’ll quickly come to appreciate its ability to resist deflection and maintain better parallelism than other C frames you’ve tried. Our robust fabricated steel frames and fast hydraulic systems are designed for your production needs.

As standard equipment, the MCB4A offers Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC with panel view HMI based controls, 2-hand no-tie-down start, and a CAT 4 safety start relay. The tonnage is adjustable from a range of 0.8 tons to 3.9 tons through full range of stroke. Standard are both pressure and distance reversal modes, along with a manual setup mode, an energy saver shut down, and top stop over-run. True 2-speed ram with electro-hydraulic decompression is supplied by the completely self-contained hydraulic power unit. Both the power unit and the standard 12" x 13” bolster are removable. A visual level/temp gauge, NEMA enclosures, TEFA EISA compliant electric motor, and a magnetic starter with electronic overload are also featured on this model.

If you need a floor stand for the MCB4A or any of our other bench presses, we offer several options. The FS-01 Bench is specifically designed to hold the 2-6 ton presses. With dimensions, of 24” wide x 30” deep and a height of 30 inches (but we can adjust the height to your bolster height requirements). It provides a sturdy platform for this machine and places it at a comfortable working height. If you need more room, the FS-02 supplies more real estate area and is perfectly suited to 10-15 ton bench model presses. Alternatively, the FS-03 floor stand will fit presses from 25-35 tons with a moderate footprint of 32” x 45” and a height of just 20 inches….once again adjustable.

As with all Magnum presses, the MCB4A is fully customizable. We offer fast and free quotes to help you configure the right press for the job. You can also take a look at our M2PB 2 post guided tool plate, M4PB 4 post guided tool plate, and MGB gib guided models, and our economical MCC compact version for additional options. If you don’t see what you need in our extensive standard line of machines, let us modify to meet your needs or start fresh with your specs to ensure that you get the gap frame press you need.