GIB Guided MGB Series



Often referred to as a “C” frame hydraulic press, these compact hydraulic presses are available in standard model configurations from 10 ton to 35 tons. Our GIB guided gap frame hydraulic presses provide the Ultimate in tooling guidance for your really HEAVY DUTY applications. These models feature “off-the-shelf”, self lubricating and replaceable bronze gib material making them better suited to handle tougher jobs. All of our GIB Guided hydraulic presses feature 6 point bearing contact with adjustment bolts to compensate for wear. These self contained hydraulic presses can be easily customized for your application and they are suitable for a wide variety of operations including assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking. GIB Guided MGB Series gap frame presses offer the all the features of standard gap frame presses with the additional advantage of SIMPLIFYING your tool design. In some cases the GIB guided tool plates can totally eliminate the need for a die set altogether. 2-Post and 4-Post designs are also available if you need tooling guiding without the extreme service that GIB guiding can offer. Magnum’s rigidly guided RAM designs are all equipped with oversized ram guide bushings for superior guidance and resistance to deflection in moderately off-center-loaded applications. Standard features include completely removable power packs, robust fabricated steel frames and fast, reliable hydraulic systems.

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Rated Tonnage (Adjustable):10.410.415.715.724.524.535.335.3
CPM (1″).13″ WORK:7878686870707070
CPM (4″).13″ WORK:3167256127612656
Stroke (in. adjustable):888810101010
Daylight (in):1616161620202020
Shut Height (in):888810101010
Throat (in):888810101010
Bolster L-R (in):1818191924242525
Bolster F-B (in):14141414161617.517.5
Slide L-R (in):1515151520202020
Slide F-B (in):1010101010.510.51313
Width (in):3333343439393939
Depth (in):4343434355555757
Height (in):5050505060606262
Approx Weight (lbs):21502200226023104165425550305065
Lower ‘C’ Height (in):11.311.311.311.3141414.514.5
Comments:Specifications subject to change without notice.
MODELRated TonnageMax Stroke
MGB10A:10.4 tons8 inches
MGB10B:10.4 tons8 inches
MGB15A:15.7 tons8 inches
MGB15B:15.7 tons8 inches
MGB25A:24.5 tons10 inches
MGB25B:24.5 tons10 inches
MGB35A:35.3 tons10 inches
MGB35B:35.3 tons10 inches
Comments:Specifications subject to change without notice.