Compact MCD Series



When you need a simple and efficient bench model gap frame hydraulic press and our compact MCC series just doesn’t have the dimensional real estate that you need, check out our MCD Series line of presses. The MCD Series is a classic HEAVY DUTY gap frame design hydraulic press with Unguided RAM and Anti-Rotation in a simple package. MCD Series presses feature low horsepower draw for efficient operation but they’re still fast. Often referred to as a “C” frame hydraulic press, these compact hydraulic presses are available in standard model configurations from 2 ton to 40 tons. They are designed to be mounted on a separate stand or table. These self-contained hydraulic presses are suitable for a wide variety of operations including assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking and they feature dimensions common on other presses for ease of integration into your plant. They’re built tough for long life and use standard off-the shelf components for simple maintenance. The Magnum MCD Series…not too big and not too small may be just the right press for you.

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Rated Tonnage (Adjustable):
Minimum Tonnage:
CPM (1″).13″ WORK:10688724234533631
CPM (4″).13″ WORK:6142301813302015
Stroke (in. adjustable):77777777
Daylight (in):1818181818181818
Shut Height (in):1111111111111111
Throat (in):77777777
Bolster L-R (in):14.514.514.514.5151523.523.5
Bolster F-B (in):1111111112.512.51717
HP (1800 rpm):55555555
Reservoir Capacity (gal):1212121212121212
Width (in):3030303031313737
Depth (in):3535353636364747
Height (in):4343434344444848
Approx Weight (lbs):10001000100010001260140037003790
Lower ‘C’ Height (in):8.758.758.758.759.759.7512.512.5
Bolster Thickness (in):
Comments:Specifications subject to change without notice.
MODELRated TonnageMax Stroke
MCD2-5:2.7 tons7 inches
MCD4-5:4.7 tons7 inches
MCD7-5:7.4 tons7 inches
MCD12-5:12.4 tons7 inches
MCD15-5:18.8 tons7 inches
MCD15HS:18.8 tons7 inches
MCD25HS:29.5 tons7 inches
MCD40HS:42.4 tons7 inches
Comments:Specifications subject to change without notice.