Compact MCC Series



When your bench model hydraulic press needs are simple you need look no further than our MCC Compact Series. Our MCC Compact Series is a classic HEAVY DUTY gap frame design hydraulic press with Unguided RAM and Anti-Rotation in a simpler and smaller package. Often referred to as a “C” frame hydraulic press, these compact hydraulic presses are available in standard model configurations from 2 ton to 35 tons. They are designed to be mounted on separate stand or table. These self contained hydraulic presses are suitable for a wide variety of operations including assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking. These versatile Magnum hydraulic presses can be modified with a list of special options to suit your specific needs.

forming press
Rated Tonnage (Adjustable):
Minimum Tonnage:
CPM (1″).13″ WORK:94695244323022
CPM (4″).13″ WORK:412617141096
Stroke (in. adjustable):5666666
Daylight (in):10121212121212
Shut Height (in):5666666
Throat (in):5666666
Bolster L-R (in):10121213141618
Bolster F-B (in):9.51010.511.5121313
HP (1800 rpm):2223355
Reservoir Capacity (gal):77710101010
Width (in):24262626272932
Depth (in):33353636363841
Height (in):35363638383942
Approx Weight (lbs):40055056572092011601490
Lower ‘C’ Height (in):6.57.757.75991012
Bolster Thickness (in):1111.51.522
Comments:Specifications subject to change without notice.
MODELRated TonnageMax Stroke
MCC2:2.0 tons5 inches
MCC4:3.9 tons6 inches
MCC6:6.1 tons6 inches
MCC10:10.4 tons6 inches
MCC15:15.7 tons6 inches
MCC25:24.5 tons6 inches
MCC35:35.3 tons6 inches
Comments:Specifications subject to change without notice.