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The Magnum hydraulic press is the finest hydraulic press in the market today. With 61 standard bench model presses from 2-40 tons and 96 standard floor model presses from 4-250 tons, Magnum may have the most complete standard line of presses in the industry. With extensive custom design capabilities and in-house machining, Magnum also builds custom 2-post, 4 post and straight side presses. Magnum presses are developed around many demanding specifications and most importantly, your unique specification. Each application is different, and not all “off the Shelf” presses can accommodate your individual requirements. Magnum presses allow you to specify what you need to give you the optimum performance and productivity and to have the right hydraulic press for your application.

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If you think mechanical presses are fast and hydraulic presses are slow, check out a Magnum press. They are designed for production speeds to help you maximize profitability in your process.

The hydraulic press continues to be the versatile press for modern manufacturers. Magnum presses provide extreme versatility in a reliable and high performance machine. The unmatched versatility makes these types of presses the outstanding choice for a wide variety of operations including assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking and more.

Magnum Press Engineering has decades of experience and the in-house capabilities to design and build custom hydraulic presses for virtually any application. Magnum engineers have extensive knowledge with Finite Element Analysis, sophisticated hydraulic circuits, various feedback devices, and all of the major control/process/ and data acquisition packages.

Magnum hydraulic systems are designed for presses. The Magnum Philosophy is to build simple, reliable and easily serviceable systems. At the heart of our system are steel manifolds designed to consolidate valving, reduce plumbing, eliminate leaks and provide maximum service life. This system is a win-win-win for your machine design, performance and maintenance.

  • Magnum Press hydraulics have dual redundant safety features built into every standard press manifold that we build. While most other manufacturers energize one solenoid of a hydraulic spool valve to extend their press (and then again to retract), Magnum presses energize three solenoids to extend and three solenoids to retract. The Magnum result is NO HAZARDOUS press movement with the failure of any one component. Spool valve press systems need special circuitry to accomplish this single safety feature of a Magnum Press.
  • Pressure connection points have o-ring seals – no metal to metal pressure connections – no pipe threads for the most leak resistant hydraulic system you can have.
  • Flexible wire braided hose used to isolate frame stresses from reservoir and power units yet, maintain crisp system response.
  • Systems are designed with minimal pressure drops to allow lower usable tonnage range.
  • All systems incorporate electro hydraulic decompression on the blind side of the cylinder to eliminate shock pressure waves and insure maximum service life for the system components.
  • The entire system is designed to minimize response time to give you more parts per shift.
  • Standard off the shelf components used so replacements are readily available.
  • Manifolds incorporate efficient cartridge valve design that have extremely low leakage, fast shift time and low pressure drops all adding to system efficiency. Larger systems use piloted DIN logic elements. These valves often called poppet valves, outperform large piloted spool valves in leakage, flow and response time. Two solenoids are energized to initiate cylinder movement for built in safety redundancy….no hazardous motion with single component failure. Valve replacement times are FAST for reduced maintenance time!
  • Reservoirs are generously sized to minimize the need for external system cooling. Gap frame power units are self contained and removable for service or remote location. Cylinders are premium quality NFPA compliant with easily serviceable rod bearings and seals.

Magnum Press electrical systems are designed for hydraulic presses. At the forefront of the electrical system design is safety. Magnum electrical control systems are NFPA79 and UL508A compliant. The primary power flow for press functions is handled by a CAT 4 two-hand anti-tie down safety relay. This specialty relay checks complementary inputs from each cycle initiator to insure the operators hands are out of the work area. The secondary control functions are handled by a PLC. This system allows a flexible control system while maintaining system integrity. A clean panel design makes trouble shooting a breeze. All wiring is terminated to spring cage style terminals. These terminals provide reliable vibration resistant connections. Wiring on the panel is routed through wire troughs with removable covers. All PLC I/O points are also terminated to the terminals. Systems include multiple guard terminals already installed. Inputs and outputs have all necessary connections (power for proximity switches and grounds and neutrals for coils) on a single terminal, no searching for support wiring for devices. All valve coils use DIN 43650 connections with power indicator lighting and electrical EMF surge suppression. The hydraulic cartridge valves require less current to operate than conventional spool valve for minimal electrical usage.

What factors should you consider when choosing a company from which to order your press? Select a company that offers an extensive line of machines from which you can choose and the knowledge to help guide you to the right design for you. This company should be able to provide you with a hydraulic press which offers optimum productivity and performance based on your particular specifications and should be able to modify the machine’s features so it can match your needs. Magnum Press has the hydraulic press for you.