Hydraulic Presses

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The Magnum hydraulic press is the finest hydraulic press in the market today. Magnum presses are developed around many demanding specifications, one of which we feel the most important of all: Your specifications. Each application is different, and not all “off the Shelf” presses can accommodate your individual requirements. Magnum presses allow you to select exactly what you want which will give you the optimum performance and productivity. Having the right press for your metalforming needs is what we do best.

If your manufacturing operations include processes like bending, drawing, blanking, punching, hot forming, compression molding and other similar ones, it is not surprising if you need a hydraulic press for your company. The modern manufacturer of today continues to favor this type of automated press above other presses because it has a wide variety of uses. Only a reliable, versatile and high-quality press will serve your needs for years to come.

Today, there are many different options available for you to choose from. If you are a hobbyist, you can choose a small table top hydraulic press unit to address your requirements. If your specifications are of a more complicated and demanding nature, you can choose from among several huge machines a press that suits your purpose exactly.  Because you can easily program job parameters like return position, force, or travel distance, the press that you choose can be used for handling many tools across a variety of applications.

Many companies use the hydraulic press to produce their products – products which they may not be able to manufacture or fabricate without the said machine. A press can be used for cutting, punching, and shaping even metals and other materials known for their toughness, resistance, and strength. Because of its power and versatility, the hydraulic press is considered essential to the productivity of many types of operations.

A hydraulic press is considered essential for almost all types of industry. It is used to convert a variety of metal objects into metal sheets. It is used to thin glass, to make cosmetic powders, to form tablets for the pharmaceutical industry, to make aircraft and car systems, to produce and assemble machine and appliance parts, and to repair or make parts for heavy equipment and machineries. The automated press, particularly the C Frame Press, is essential for mission critical applications. It is very useful for assembly, straightening, and drawing work. It is often used for the repair and maintenance of machinery.  It is popular with the automobile industry.

The H Frame press is a standard press for many manufacturing and assembly companies.  It is essential for the appliance industry which uses it to press and create the parts of appliances like dryers, washing machines, and stoves.

The Channel press is a heavy-duty press capable of pronounced ram force. The aviation industry uses this press for stress testing, as well as for other applications requiring great force.

What factors should you consider when choosing a company from which to order your press? Select a company which offers an extensive line of machines from which you can choose the one which precisely addresses your needs.  This company should be able to provide you with a hydraulic press which offers optimum productivity and performance based on your particular specifications. This company should be able to modify the machine’s features so it can match your needs and respond to your specifications.