(2) 7 Ton Mini-Mag Bench Top C-Frame Hydraulic Presses in stock for FAST Delivery!


Two 7 Ton Mini-Mag Bench Top C-Frame Hydraulic Presses are currently in stock for FAST Delivery: When you need a simple but reliable press for your small applications…MINI-MAG has what you need. MINI-MAG is a classic HEAVY DUTY gap frame design hydraulic press with Unguided RAM and Anti-Rotation in a simpler and economical package. Often referred to as a “C” frame hydraulic press, these compact hydraulic presses are available in 7 & 18 ton standard model configurations. They are designed to be mounted on separate stand or table. These self contained hydraulic presses are suitable for a wide variety of operations including assembly, blanking, coining, forming, punching, riveting and staking. These compact bench top c-frame hydraulic presses make a great addition to any shop for smaller and miscellaneous needs where 7 tons can do the job. MINI-MAG is a simple hydraulic press you can count on for years of trouble free service.PRESS MMG-7ETonnage Capacity: 7 Type: Blanking, Coining, Forging, Embossing, Cutoff, Assembly, Shop Press Industry: General MachineryFEATURES • Robust press for industrial applications. • 10” Daylight and 5” Throat dimension • 5” Stroke 3000 PSI NFPA cylinder with heavy front head flange mount • 1-1/4” – 12 female threaded rod end • 5” Minimum shut height • 12” LR x 8” FB slotted bed bolster • w/ 10 drilled-tapped tooling mount holes • Ram Speeds: o 39 IPM pressing o 47 IPM return • PLC Control • 110 volt TEFC EISA Compliant Electric Motor with single power connection • 2-Hand Anti-Tie Down Start • CAT 4 Safety Start Relay • Overload Protection • Quiet self contained and removable hydraulic system • Adjustable Pressure w/ Indicator • 8 gallon reservoir w/ visual level gauge • Efficient manifold w/SICV valves • FAST ACTING electro-hydraulic decompression • Press mounted controls • Flat Face O-Ring Hydraulic Connections for highest leak resistance MMG7E Brochure