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At the forefront of the electrical system design is safety. The primary power flow for press functions is handled by a CAT 4 two-hand anti-tie down safety relay. This specialty relay checks complementary inputs from each cycle initiator to insure the operators hands are out of the work area. The secondary control functions are handled by a PLC. This system allows a flexible control system while maintaining system integrity. A clean panel design makes trouble shooting a breeze. All wiring is terminated to spring cage style terminals. These terminals provide reliable vibration resistant connections. Wiring on the panel is routed through wire troughs with removable covers. All PLC I/O points are also terminated to the terminals. Systems include multiple guard terminals already installed. Inputs and outputs have all necessary connections (power for proximity switches and grounds and neutrals for coils) on a single terminal, no searching for support wiring for devices. All valve coils use DIN 43650 connections with power indicator lighting and electrical EMF surge suppression. The hydraulic cartridge valves require less current to operate than conventional spool valve for minimal electrical usage.